Escape Rooms are great for Team Building


Coming Home is a complex, polished puzzle that rewards collaboration with useful clues, mechanical surprises, and a heartwarming story that comes together every time your team does. (2-5 players, 30-60 min.) 

Communication is the key to unraveling the arcane designs of The Chest of Forgotten Legends, an ingenious collection of intertwining puzzles, cryptic riddles, and satisfying mechanisms that will put your team’s critical thinking – and senses – to the test. (2-5 players, 30-60 min.) For advanced players. Default difficulty is high but can be adjusted beforehand.

Have a larger team? No problem. With 3 chests we can have 15 people playing at the same time. We also offer a Head-to-Head option in which two teams compete to solve an identical chest! Available for The Chest of Forgotten Legends (max 10 players).

Send us your event inquiry at LA@FOXINABOX.US

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